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Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock, Mauser 98, Military/SporterHogue Rubber Over Molded Stock, Mauser 98, Military/Sporter

Fits: Mauser 98 Military/SportHogue's revolutionary O.M. series stocks (Pat. Pending) are made similar to their popular rubber grips. Constructed by molding a super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced stock that precisely fits the rifle action. This small "stock" or "skeleton", is then completely OverMolded with the same rubber compound used on Hogue grips. The skeleton or insert, as it is called, chemically as well as mechanically adheres to the rubber resulting in a permanent bond between the rubber and the insert. The super strong insert not only gives the stocks their strength but the precise molded dimensions provide a perfect drop in fit of your rifle action. OverMolding with rubber is superior in every way and provides the ultimate in a comfortable, non slip, super smooth attractive finish, that is durable and extremely quiet. All the following custom features come at prices comparable or below any other standard synthetic stock on the market. Hogue stocks incorporate every desirable feature a fine rifle stock should have and by adding unique Hogue touches they have created a much superior and unique stock compared with anything on the market today. Features include; a sleek straight comb, palm swells and a 'varminter' style forend which are treated with a unique 'Cobblestone' texture. Hunters especially will be attracted to the incredible quietness of these stocks coupled with lightweight, superior non-slip comfort, and accuracy. Centerfire rifle stocks all come equipped with the finest in recoil pads. Hogue recoil pads are formulated and molded from a 'super cushion' blend of recoil reducing materials that rivals and even surpasses any other pad available. Special material coupled with computer designed, internal cushion structure provides outstanding recoil control and shooting comfort.

Advanced Technology International Mauser 98 Stock with Scope Mount and ButtpadAdvanced Technology International Mauser 98 Stock with Scope Mount and Buttpad

Turn your Surplus Mauser into a Scout Rifle! - Built-in Weaver Scope Rail and Buttpad - Easy “Drop-In” Installation - Can Use Scout Type Scope - Rubber Buttpad - Sling Swivel Stud - Weatherproof - Scratch Resistant - DuPont® Extreme Temperature

ATI Mauser Stock Mount Buttpad, BrownATI Mauser Stock Mount Buttpad, Brown

Mauser 98 stock in dark earth brown has a built-in scope mount & buttpad. Recoil impact is absorbed. Shooting any Load size can now be done with no pain being transferred to the shooter. Reduces the challenge to reacquire the target by minimizing the Muzzle Lift. It is not affected by chemicals and. remains flexible in extreme temperatures. Eliminates the felt punch of the recoil and removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression systems. Features, easy "drop-in" installation 3M soft touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting, sling swivel stud, weatherproof, scratch resistant, and DuPont® extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer stock. Fits standard bent bolt, large-ring, German K-98's, Czech Vz-24, Yugo 48/48A, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946, etc, 7mm or 8mm caliber. Will not fit large-ring Swedish M38/96 6.5x55 or small ring Mausers. Must convert straight bold or "wide arc" bolt Mausers to bent bolt with our bold handle (#MBH1800) to use a standard scope. Note that hidden aluminum barrel clams secure scope mount steel plate molded into nylon mount. Some minor modification may be required.

Mauser Military Rifles of the WorldMauser Military Rifles of the World

More Models — More Photos — More History

Robert Ball, the world's foremost authority on Mauser military rifles, continues to scour the continents in search of more details and models of this ubiquitous rifle. His years of research and expertise culminate in this definitive, full-color Mauser reference.

In this new edition, you'll find:

Previously unknown variationsRare coverage of experimental weapons and prototypesMeticulously cataloged descriptions, historical backgrounds, model specifics and markings, and detailed photographs

One of a kind, this edition is the most exhaustive reference ever for Mauser military rifles!

The Swedish Mauser Rifles (For Collectors Only)The Swedish Mauser Rifles (For Collectors Only)

The Swedish Mauser is considered by many collectors to be the finest of the pre-World War I designs for military rifles. Resembling a fine sporting arm, it was extremely accurate due in part to its 6.5 x 55 mm cartridge but also to the skill and precision with which it was manufactured. The Swedish Mauser Rifles provides North Cape Publications famous part-by-part description of these fine rifles complete with all markings, codes and inspection markings, plus translated lists of unit and regimental markings. A complete history of the rifle's development is included, as are detailed descriptions sniper and target rifles. The bolt action rifle adopted by Sweden in the mid-1890s was based on the Mauser design for Spain with significant changes to make it suitable for use by Swedish forces. While Sweden has not fought a war since Napoleonic times, they have maintained a strong military defense force based on universal conscription for over 150 years. They key to that defense system's effectiveness against German expansionism and Warsaw Pact-NATO competition has lain both in the willingness of the nation's citizens to defend their territory and in the quality and precision manufacture of their weapons. Sweden has long been known as a center for the manufacture of fine firearms. As early as the 16th century, individual gunsmiths began to group together to provide firearms for Swedish armies. Nine great state-operated armories were constructed and operated in Sweden between 1560 and 1812 of which the greatest and longest-lived was the Carl Gustaf's stad Gev„rsfaktoriet of Eskilstuna (Carl Gustav's City Factory) which was responsible for the design and the major production of the famous m/94 carbine and m/96 series of rifles between 1896 and 1925. The contract for an initial 52 carbines based on the Spanish Mauser carbine was awarded to the Mauser factory at Oberndorf, Germany and after short trials were completed, a second and third contract for additional carbines with the new changes were awarded for a total of 12,185 additional m/94 carbines. Meanwhile, design engineers and tool makers in Sweden were busy completing the design of what would become the m/96 rifle. This new rifle with a 29.1 inch entered production at the Carl Gustaf factory in early 1896. Before rifle production was completed at that factory in 1925, more than 517,000 rifles would be built. The Mauser Oberndorf factory in Germany was also awarded a contract in 1899 to produce and additional 40,000 m/96 rifles. Thus, Sweden's armed neutrality made it possible for her to resist the blandishments of both sides during World War I. In the mid-1930s, with war clouds once again gathering over Europe, the Swedish government undertook another complete review of here military readiness.

A massive rearmament program was instituted, and in 1938, the barrels of some 30,000 m/96 rifles were reduced in length to 24.5 inches to produce the m/96-38 rifle. In 1941, contracts were awarded to the manufacturing firm of Husqvarna to produce 60,000 more rifles with the short barrel, now designated the m/38 rifle. With the end of the war, it was clear that the bolt action, five shot rifle was obsolete. Sweden was already experimenting with a semi-automatic battle rifle, the AG42B, and with a variety of automatic personal weapons. Large stocks of the m/96 rifle had gone to Finland in 1939 during the Winter War against Soviet aggression, and now, thousands more were sold to Denmark and Norway to reequip their military forces after the German occupation. Most American firearms enthusiasts became aware of the Swedish Mauser in the early 1950s when the first m/94 carbines were imported by two companies called Pasadena Firearms and InterArms Company, respectively. Rifles followed until 1968 when the Gun Control Act of that year forbade the further importation of military firearms. But

Checkering & Carving of GunstocksCheckering & Carving of Gunstocks

America's leading stock-makers have contributed photographs of their handiwork and full-size line drawings of checkering and carving patterns.

AIM Sports K98 Mauser 2-7x32mm Scope Kit Matte BlackAIM Sports K98 Mauser 2-7x32mm Scope Kit Matte Black

Accuracy improved! AIM Sports K98 Mauser 2-7x32mm Scope Kit includes mount and rings. SAVE BIG! Forget old iron sights! Go modern with this precision Scout Scope Kit for your powerful K98 Mauser. It's by AIM Sports, the name brand you can trust for long life and peak performance. Our buying power shoots BIG BUCKS OFF! Details: Multi-coated blue lens for distortion-free clarity; Long eye relief (8.5-10.5") helps you focus on moving targets; 2-7X magnification; F.O.V. @ 100 yds. is 14' at 2X, 4.6' at 7X; 1/4" MOA windage and elevation adjustments; Anodized aluminum solid Picatinny mount for Mauser is 5 1/2"l.; Includes pair of 1" diam. aluminum rings with screws. Scope is 11"l., 9 ozs.; Order this complete package right now! WARNING: Shipping restrictions apply to the product(s) above under some jurisdictions. Known Age, State and Local shipping restrictions are applied at Checkout and may result in changes to an order. AIM Sports K98 Mauser 2-7x32 mm Scope Kit, Matte Black

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